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By Anastasi M.

The innovations and strategies i am approximately to proportion with you labored rather well for me. at a time while i used to be broke, lonely, homeless, and... very depressed.This unhappy scenario happened among December 2003 - while I misplaced my task, broke up with my long term female friend, discovered myself 12.000 in debt, out in the street simply because i used to be not able to pay rent... - and April 2004, while i ultimately may well find the money for a (very modest) position to stick, and began getting my lifestyles again so as.

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A one-to-one function is any function where ² for each x there is only one value of y and ² for each y there is only one value of x. Functions that are one-to-one satisfy both the ‘vertical line test’ and the ‘horizontal line test’. ² ² This means that: no vertical line can meet the graph more than once no horizontal line can meet the graph more than once. Functions that are not one-to-one are called many-to-one. , at least one y-value has more than one corresponding x-value. cyan magenta yellow 95 100 50 75 25 0 5 95 100 50 75 25 0 5 95 100 50 75 25 0 95 100 50 75 25 0 5 ² ² If the function y = f (x) is one-to-one, it will have an inverse function y = f ¡1 (x): If a function y = f(x) is many-to-one, it will not have an inverse function.

Which is less than 0:0001 : COMPOUND INTEREST Consider the following: You invest $1000 in the bank. You leave the money in the bank for 3 years. a. The interest is added to your investment each year. a. is paid, increasing the value of your investment yearly. Your percentage increase each year is 10%, so at the end of the year you will have 100% + 10% = 110% of the value at its start. This corresponds to a multiplier of 1:1 . After one year your investment is worth $1000 £ 1:1 = $1100 After two years it is worth $1100 £ 1:1 = $1000 £ 1:1 £ 1:1 = $1000 £ (1:1)2 = $1210 After three years it is worth $1210 £ 1:1 = $1000 £ (1:1)2 £ 1:1 = $1000 £ (1:1)3 This suggests that if the money is left in your account for n years it would amount to $1000 £ (1:1)n .

They concluded that there was something wrong with the method of solution. 17 ¡4 = ¡4 14 and ¡4 14 is not x=1 y y=4 A graph also highlighted an error. x It seems that the correct answer is 27 < x < 1. Wu_ y=-3 1 y= Questions: 3x + 2 1- x 1 At what step was Jon’s method wrong? 2 Suggest an algebraic method which does give the correct answer. From the Investigation above you should have concluded that multiplying both sides of an inequality by an unknown can lead to incorrect results. We therefore need an alternative method.

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