A Brief History of the Caribbean (Brief History) by D. H. Figueredo, Frank Argote-Freyre PDF

By D. H. Figueredo, Frank Argote-Freyre

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There was a pattern to colonization: swift progress through the territories; conversion of the indigenous people to the Catholic faith, as mandated by Queen Isabella; harsh elimination of native insurrection- Tainos were forced by the Spanish to mine gold from riverbanks in the Caribbean in exchange for religious training. The training, however, was not forthcoming. (North Wind Archives) 20 TWO WORLDS IN COLLISION: THE SPANISH CONQUEST ists; and forced labor for the Tainos and Caribs. The aim of the labor was the procurement of gold and silver for the monarchs, an almost fanatic search first encouraged by Columbus, who was convinced that the islands were rich in silver and gold by early findings in Hispaniola of gold nuggests on the Ozama River (at the entrance of present day Santo Domingo).

Figueredo) The typical fortification consisted of a massive fort on the top of a hill to protect the entry into the harbor, with protective walls surrounding the city. By the mid-17th century, the major cities and ports formed a sort of fortified chain. Smaller towns, however, were left unprotected and were often raided by the pirates. Though antisocial and amoral, some pirates practiced the earliest form of democracy in the Caribbean. They chose their captain by vote and decided upon the objective of a particular mission.

Visual Arts Taino art represented what Tainos valued in their society and environment. Therefore, gods were often sculpted in wood of various sizes, with large sculptures of the gods given as a gift to caciques, and drawings and 7 A BRIEF HISTORY OF THE CARIBBEAN carvings depicting such animals as birds, bats, and frogs were made on rocks and shells. Archaeological findings in Puerto Rico have yielded three-peaked stones with human features and animal motifs, stone daggers, stone masks, amulets, and ceramic vases.

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