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Yet it is surprising how many writers err in their assessments of an audience's psychological level, maintaining a rigidly similar tone whether they are addressing children or professors or hobos. This problem can be avoided by first asking oneself a few revealing questions: • Who exactly am I writing to? • What general age group do they belong to? • What are their interests? Educational levels? Social backgrounds? • Exactly why will they be reading this piece, and what will they hope to get from it?

This lesson transposes itself to the art of writing as well. Accents can do much to create character and authenticity, yes. But only when used like polka dots on a top hat-sparingly. " Consult authors who specialize in ethnic characters or specific historical periods. An excellent East Indian accent, for instance, can be found in Kipling's Kim. Good Cockney voices are plentiful in Kipling's Soldier's Three. Scottish accents of all varieties are found in Sir Walter Scott's novels, especially in The Bride of Lammermoor.

Fluctuations occur, of course, but the major thrust has been towards a percentage drop each year since 1970. Job absenteeism at the Ford and Chevrolet plant, meanwhile, has mushroomed by over 5 percent per annum. This is a particularly ominous sign because, as you know, absenteeism in Japan is an almost unknown phenomenon. ' The research company of Manning and Jones predicts that, given the present decline in sales, by the year 2000 the American auto industry will control less than 10% of the world's automotive business.

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