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By Gaetano D Gargiulo; Alistair McEwan

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255-276, Allyn and Bacon, Boston. 2 Pulse Wave Analysis Zhaopeng Fan, Gong Zhang and Simon Liao University of Winnipeg Canada 1. Introduction Cardiovascular refers to the Cardio (heart) and vascular (blood vessels). The system has two major functional parts: central circulation system and systemic circulation system. Central circulation includes the pulmonary circulation and the heart from where the pulse wave is generated. Systemic circulation is the path that the blood goes from and to the heart.

Equation between pressure remainder and blood flow: Qout = p − pv R (2) where p is the arterial pressure, pv is the venous pressure, and R indicates the peripheral resistance of cardiovascular system. • Arterial pressure volume equation: AC = dV dp (3) where AC is a constant that depends on the arterial compliance. Based on the above three equations, the analytic equation of elastic cavity can be calculated: dp p − pv + dt1 R dp p − pv AC + =0 dt2 R Qin = AC Computing the integral of Equation (4): (4) 27 Pulse Wave Analysis ( ) Sv = AC ps* − pd + ( ) AC pd − ps* + AS R Ad =0 R (5) where Sv is the stroke volume during a heartbeat.

Schirdewan, A. & Muller, D. (2009). Potential role of home monitoring to reduce inappropriate shocks in implantable cardioverter-defibrillator patients due to lead failure. Europace 2009;11:483-8. ; Barbara, ES; Joseph, L. & Izzo, Jr (2002) Validity and Reliability of Diastolic Pulse Contour Analysis (Windkessel Model) in Humans. ; Verhaegen, M. & Verbruggen, H. (1998) “Automated ECG segmentation with dynamic time warping,” in Proc. 20th Ann. Int. Conf. , Hong Kong, 1998, pp. 163–166. -M. Lau, 1994: Wavelets, period doubling, and time-frequency localization with application to organization of convection over the tropical western Pacific.

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