Helen Zhang, M. Han, X. J. Zhao's Advanced Research on Material Engineering, Electrical PDF

By Helen Zhang, M. Han, X. J. Zhao

ISBN-10: 3038352152

ISBN-13: 9783038352150

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Vol. 62 (2006), p. 10072 Advanced Materials Research Vol. cn Keywords: Diarylethene, Photochromism, Pyrimidine, Fluorescence. Abstract. A novel photochromic diarylethene bearing a pyrimidine moiety, 1-(2,4-dimethoxyl-5-pyrimidinyl)-2-[2-methyl-5-(9-phenanthrene)-3-thienyl]perfluorocyclopentene has been synthesized. Its properties, including photochromic behavior and fluorescent properties, have been investigated. The compound exhibited remarkable photochromism, changing from colorless to red after irradiation with UV light in solution.

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