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By Karen S. Gibb, John W. Randles (auth.), Kerry F. Harris (eds.)

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This sequence explores how vectors (carriers of disorder brokers, akin to bugs) collect, hold and hence transmit pathogens to hosts. It covers the spectrum of vectors, together with vendors of plant pathogens in addition to medically similar pathogens. The Chapters in quantity 7 contain: 1. K. Gibb, J.W. Randles: Transmission of velvet tobacco mottle virus and comparable viruses by means of the mirid Cyrto- peltis nicotianae. 2. N. Carter, R. Harrington: elements influencing aphid inhabitants dynamics and behaviour and the implications for virus unfold. three. R.H. Bagnall: Cyclic epidemics of aphid-borne potato viruses in Northern seed-potato-growing parts. four. C.J. Andrews, R.C. Sinha: Interactions among barley yellow dwarf virus an infection and winter-stress tolerance in cereals. five. J.R. DeLoach, G. Spates: synthetic diets for blood feeding bugs: a assessment. 6. I. Maudlin: Transmission of African trypanosomiasis: interactions between Tsetse immune method, symbionts, and parasites. 7. C. Chastel, I. Humphery-Smith: Mosquito spiroplasmas. the 1st 4 chapters hide subject matters in plant virus transmission by way of bugs. the ultimate 3 chapters concentrate on human and animal illness institutions with bollid-feeding flies.

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Generally, it is accepted now that natural enemies can prevent cereal aphid populations developing to outbreak levels during the summer when they cause damage through feeding rather than as virus vectors. It is the combined effect of all four of the groups that is important (18). However recent enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays (ELISA) have shown that carabid and staphylinid beetles and spiders consume cereal aphids in the autumn, although subsequent virus incidence was not measured (102). Aphid populations were higher after application of the molluscicide methiocarb that resulted in greater spread of BYDV (68).

April temperatures are more likely to affect population increase and, hence, the number of migrants. As Rothamsted is on the edge of the area of most successful overwintering (114), April temperatures there may affect available migrants more than do temperatures in the main beet growing areas. However, the relative contribution of local populations and those from further afield in virus spread is poorly understood. It may be misleading to differentiate migrants into local and long distance. It is more likely that the distances that aphids fly are on a continuum with no sharp distinction between the two types of migrant (115).

Entomol. 76: 1370-1373. , 1980, Fate of plant viruses in mite vectors and nonvectors. , Maramorosch, K. (ed): in Vectors of Plant Pathogens, Academic Press, New York and London, pp. 357-373. , 1967, Localisation of wheat streak mosaic virus in the alimentary canal of its vector Aceria tulipae Keifer, Virology 32:344-353. , 1986, Velvet tobacco mottle virus, Association of Applied Biologists Descriptions of Plant Viruses No. 317. , 1981, Studies on encapsidated viroid-like RNA. 1. Characterisation of velvet tobacco mottle virus, Virology 108: 111-122.

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