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A possible trajectory of equipment with the states operational, degraded and failed is shown for a Markov process that is interrupted not only by preventive maintenance, but also by tests performed during the preventive maintenance interval. In our model, tests are assumed to be capable of failure detection, but not of detecting any kind of degradation. We assume that a test is capable of detecting a failed state. This assumption is reasonable because the main objective of performing tests is to identify the functional performance of a component.

It can be shown that planned maintenance activities lead to a significant higher operational state probability than unscheduled maintenance activities, even if the scheduled and the unscheduled maintenance activities have the same cumulative outage time for a certain time period. This emphasizes the importance of an appropriate periodic maintenance schedule, which should be determined depending on the failure history over the past operating period. As an extension, this model can also be applied to power production systems, where a degraded state can be defined in terms of lower output.

Such evaluations involve the use of deterministic and probabilistic methods, computer codes, termohydraulic analysis, reactor kinetics, and reliability calculations, etc. The main evaluation activities related with maintenance are the following: • Abnormal event assessment occurred at both argentine and foreign NPP's. • Operating experience assessments. • Radiological safety assessment to detect weaknesses in practices and to propose measures to reduce personnel doses (ALARA). • Periodic test: procedures assessments and review of acceptation criteria • Assessment of preventive, predictive and corrective maintenance activities.

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