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Research the secrets and techniques of the Martial Arts Masters. force a Nail with you head Take complete strength punches to physique Bend a knife in your Neck Knock a person down witn 1 finger Unbend capable Arm

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So we begin our development of KI by learn to control the breath. CONTROLLING THE BREATH. The first step in controlling the breath is to become aware of it as a force, and to use it to store (KI)in your body. Note: your KI is stored about 2 inches below your navel. This is your point of reference for KI in your body. And this point or KI center serves as a concentration and focus point for the mind when developing control of the breath and understanding of KI. Stomach Breathing or KI Storing Stomach Breathing: The purpose of this exercise is to store your KI in your body.

I do sets of 50 to each side, and 50 to the middle. 4 sets. Abdominal Leg lifts Leg Lifts are important for several reasons. They work the lower abs and the help strengthen the back, as well as the knees. Keep the toes pointed and the legs straight. You can lift them straight up or curl them back into the abs. I do a lot. I try to do them for 3 minutes without stopping. I can usually do 180 or more in the 3 minutes. Abdominal Side bends Side bens really work to get rid of that love muscle or bulge around the waist.

While you are practicing the breathing, keep thinking in your mind that you are storing KI power in your body. Copyright 2001 Ted Gambordella Breath out thru the mouth and concentrate on storing the KI in your KI center, about 2 inches below the navel. 3 KI (Muscle, Breath & Mind Control4 Stand with the feel wide, arms by the side, hands clinched and breath deeply into the stomach thru the nose. Stand with the feet shoulder width apart with the arms by the side and the hands closed into fists. Keep the mouth shut and breathe through the nose.

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