N. Boccara's Analyse Fonctionnelle. Une introduction pour physiciens PDF

By N. Boccara

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ISBN-13: 9782729896058

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It indicates that this tiny structure of only two elements has something in common with the field of real numbers and the complex number field: each of these structures satisfies the same set of axioms. Each of them is a field. We will come back to this topic later. The idea behind the addition in F2 is to model the errors in information transmission: a coordinate of a message is in error if and only if 1 is added to the entry in this coordinate. This explains why we must have 1 + 1 = 0 : if a bit is flipped twice, then no error occurs, or: if 1 is flipped, then 0 is received.

5, it suffices to check that each of the 15 nonzero codewords has weight ≥ 3 to check that indeed d = 3. Here is a generator matrix:  10 0 1  0 0 00 01 01 10 01 10 01 11 11  1 1  1 0 How can we be sure? At first we check that each row of the matrix is a nonzero codeword. One method of controlling that we have a generator matrix is to make sure that each codeword is indeed a linear combination of rows, equivalently that different linear combinations of rows yield different codewords. We can speed up by using basic facts of linear algebra.

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