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By Jonathan Santlofer

ISBN-10: 0060881976

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Nate Rodriguez is a police comic strip artist for the NYPD, and his luck price is excessive, with one out of 3 of his drawings resulting in an arrest. but if he's confronted with an surprisingly gifted killer, he realizes that he could have met his fit. For this killer is a guy greatly like himself–a guy who sees and thinks in photos. A killer who leaves drawings on the crime scenes depicting his murders in chilling, gory–and prescient–detail.

As Nate's photos develop into an increasing number of exact photographs of the madman–the killer reveals how to scouse borrow Nate's snap shots after which imitate Nate's personal hand. The conflicting proof leads the police to suspect that Nate himself may be the killer and pushes Nate right into a scary cat and mouse chase for his quarry. existence and demise, artwork and artifice have by no means been so vividly certain jointly.

Jonathan Santlofer pushes the limits of the mystery to new heights with this masterful mixture of artwork and suspense. With sequential sketches that exchange in the course of the text–first the killer's, then Nate's–Santlofer teases us with impossible to resist clues and mental information added in a hugely unique way.

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She could not imagine. But then, all Rodriguez had needed was one look at her unsub’s drawings to know they were made by the same man, one who was right-handed—and the lab had confirmed it. The sketches had come from the same kind of sketch pad, the glue that had held them in place still detectable along the edge of each. It was something, a connection, though nothing a DA could take to court. If they were lucky they might find something on the drawings other than the vics’ blood, though so far there was nothing.

I wanted to believe that someone was thinking about healing, but even now, more than five years after the towers had come down, I could not stop worrying about landmarks exploding, poison gas in the subway, or an avian flu pandemic. I started chewing a cuticle, a habit I developed after I’d quit smoking for the third time. I thought about my first and only meeting with Detective Russo over a year ago, as I emptied my pockets to go through the metal detector. Good-looking but tough, at least that’s how she’d seemed when I’d handed over the police sketch I’d done for her, which had led to her capturing a perp, which in turn led to her promotion, or so I’d heard.

People don’t realize our faces are controlled by a totally separate, involuntary system of muscle movements that reveal what we’re really feeling. They listen to what’s being said when they want the truth. Me, I watch what’s happening on the face. Like right now, Russo was practicing what’s called neutralizing, trying to freeze her face. But there was something going on around her mouth, the first place to look for facial leakage, her orbicularis oris muscle being used for what is commonly referred to as lip sucking, a dead giveaway for anxiety.

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