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Published through the yankee Geophysical Union as a part of the Antarctic study Series.

This is the 1st try and assemble what's recognized of the antarctic cirriped fauna in a single finished treatise. It covers the systematics of the barnacles of subantarctic and antarctic areas and their distribution, either fresh and paleontological. A moment half already in instruction will record on planktonic larvae.

Antarctic Cirripedia, the second one monographic contribution within the Antarctic examine sequence, in general follows the development set by way of Kott's Antarctic Ascidiacea (1969). The learn, so far as attainable, covers all files made by way of past expeditions to Antarctic waters and culminates during this quantity with the 1962-1965 cruises of USNS Eltanin. The record of the primary vessels that have introduced again cirriped fabrics from antarctic areas is a awesome one: Aurora, Belgica, Challenger, Discovery, Endeavour, Ob', Pourquoi-Pas?, Soya, Terra Nova, Umitaka-Maru and William Scoresby. but the variety of benthic samplings of cirripeds made by way of Eltanin less than the us Antarctic study application from south of the Antarctic Convergence exceeds the complete of these again via all prior expeditions.


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Carina with basal umbo, inferior portion produced into a relatively small fork or knob, on floatiug objects, cirri ctenopod [Lepas (Lepas)] .................. 3 3. Right scutum usually with an internal umbonal tooth, left without; 1 pair of filamentary appendages on each side, 2 on prosoma as long and as conspicuous as those at base of first cirrus; caudal appendages as slender rounded projections ............................... L. ( L . ) anatifera Linnb 3. L. ( L . ) australis Darwin 4. Capitulum with 5 reduced plates, usually with longitudinal purple stripes; on variety of pelagic and floating objects..

The apex is incomplete and the occludent margin and rostra1 angle are obscured. Growth lines are fairly prominent. No internal moulds showing the adductor muscle scars are preserved. The terga are lozenge or sub-rhomboidal in outline, feebly convex transversely and acutely terminated apically and basally. The apices are curved towards the assumed position of the scutum. A rounded, sub-medial and slightly curved apico-basal ridge, which narrows apically, divides each plate. A second broader and more elevated ridge follows the occludent margin before joining with the scutal margin.

S. (known from both sides of the equator, not included herein). A Crypfophiolus melompygos Ber ndt Crypfophiolus tomlinsoni sp, nov. 1. Four pairs of terminal cirri; single median dorsal filamentary appendage, Cryptophialus (austral group: = Australophinlus Tomlinson, 1969) ............... 2 2. Spines guarding aperture three or four times a s long as wide ............. C r y p t o p h i a h s tomlinsoni sp. nov. 2. Spines guarding aperture less than twice a s long as wide .............................................

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