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Journal qui traite du Bien-être et esthétique médicale.

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We have had four days of Saragossa siege; but the enemies were pure bandits and yet neighbours, compatriots! No sensation could be more shattering. The soul remains withered for a long time, and all idea of happiness and joy in this life is mortally stricken. One no longer has faith in humanity. ¹³ By the time of his departure (in the autumn of 1848), a form of ‘order’ was in place (with Cavaignac’s crushing of the insurrectionaries), but not yet the ‘firm government’ that Louis-Napoleon would eventually bring.

On the relation between Weltliteratur and Weltmarkt, see Antoine Berman, L’Epreuve de l’étranger: Culture et traduction dans l’Allemagne romantique (Paris, 1984), 92–3. ⁸ Hoesel-Uhlig makes the point that it is never entirely clear that what Goethe envisaged under the heading of Weltliteratur was a new literature or a set of transactions between already constituted national literatures (‘Changing Fields’, 31–2). L. iii. 355 (emphasis in original). ’. ¹⁰ Indeed Sainte-Beuve’s view is in some respects even more sweeping in its inclusiveness than Goethe’s somewhat Eurocentric account.

241). ²¹ Confronted with the potentially awkward obstruction of what he calls ‘cette assertion classique’, Sainte-Beuve simply sweeps it under the carpet and moves briskly on; the Romans are not us, or rather they are like us, but only when they appear in their urbanely Virgilian and Horatian aspects rather than in their robustly ‘athletic’ guises: Cela était vrai pour eux plutôt que pour nous peut-être; c’étaient de rudes athlètes, et plus faits que nous à un antagonisme violent: mais sans contredire ici cette assertion classique … il n’en est pas moins certain que ces époques en dévorent beaucoup avant l’heure de la maturité; et surtout elles effarouchent, elles font rentrer en elles-mêmes ces autres natures tendres, poétiques, rêveuses, si éminemment littéraires.

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